The Philosophical alliance between White Supremacists and the Left

Image result for racist and leftistAfter the House passed their AHCA on Friday, many democrats and journalists complained about a bill passed by “white men.” As if there is something bad about being white. But as white people are told over and over about how bad their ancestors were, and how they should be paying reparations to black people, it becomes more and more evident that there is a clear philosophical alliance by white supremacists and the left. They are both racist.

White Supremacists believe that since the greatest ideas and achievements known to man were by white people, clearly whites are better. Democracy, and the greatest achievement ever: America, were by white people, therefore they believe that white Americans are entitled to benefit from America more than the rest of the human race.

The left believes that since all of the evilest ideas and achievements were by white people, white people are bad and must to atone for their whiteness, plus, people of other races are entitled to white people’s stuff. Slavery, imperialism, colonialism, Nazism, native American genocide, were all by whites. They are therefore the worst race.

Although their views on the white race are opposite, their views of race in general is identical. They both believe that people with the same skin color are somehow connected and responsible for each other, that the good deeds of your race makes you superior while the evil committed by peoples of your race make you inferior. This is racism, the notion that who your ancestors are affect your value.

Americanism is the opposite of racism. Americanism means that no matter who your grandfather is, you are a human being with the same rights and dignity as anyone else. You are responsible for yourself, and no one else. You should not be treated better if your grandfather was a great man, nor worse if your grandfather was a bad man. Americanism means that the circumstances of your birth should not affect the outcome of your life.


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