Department of Homeland Security: ‘Unprecedented’ Drop in Illegal Immigrants From Mexico

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There’s usually a significant increase, of up to 20%, each January to February in the apprehension of illegal immigrants crossing over into the States from Mexico. But this year, a surprising development, the BBC reports: Based on figures released by Customs and Border Protection, January’s number of 31,578 plummeted to 18,762 in February—an “unprecedented” 40% decrease. Homeland Security chief John Kelly attributes this “change in trends” to the new inhabitant of the Oval Office, linking the “dramatic drop” to President Trump’s executive orders designed to deal directly with immigration. Kelly also notes it’s “encouraging news” for the immigrants themselves, since the numbers suggest fewer people are putting their lives at risk of “exploitation, assault, and injury” at the hands of human smugglers, as well as hardship from the perilous trip itself.


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