Who is the shadow president???

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The media is desperate to keep up a narrative that President Trump is a incompetent child. Just watch SNL’s Through Donald’s Eyes, they are trying so hard, maybe too hard. Part of the narrative is that while he is sitting in the oval office enjoying the ego ride, while somebody else, some ominous “shadow president” rules the land. In their search for a puppet master, their zeal exposes them.  First, it was Vice President Mike Pence. A journalist for The Week wrote an article titled “The shadow president” (it was written before Trump took office, but let’s put a pin in that…) in it she writes “In the immediate aftermath of last month’s stunning election, there was talk across the media, both social and mass, that Vice President-electMike Pence might be shaping up to be something of a shadow president.”and “Pence already appears to be putting an enormous stamp on the incoming administration.” She concludes with “With Vice-President Mike Pence on deck, however, America had better start paying much closer attention — his shadow is likely to loom very large indeed.”

Then a month later, the New York Times had an article called “President Bannon?” referring to Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon. The article goes on to say “We’ve never wittnessed a political aide move as brazenly to consolidate power as Stephen Bannon” and referring to Trump’s policy says “Mr. Bannon, whose fingerprints were on each of those initiatives…” and “Mr. Bannon is positioning himself… as the de facto president.” This and many articles like this inspired memes and jokes about little boy Donald and Bannon the Puppet master, as Politico reported: “President Donald Trump on Monday appeared to take issue with the portrayal of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon as the “shadow president,” tweeting that he, not Bannon, calls the shots “and everyone knows it.” 

And now, it appears we have a new shadow president. Politico.com has an article titled “Donald Trump’s ‘shadow president’ in Silicon Valley” with the subtitle “Billionaire iconoclast Peter Thiel’s fingerprints are all over the administration.” So, this Politico reporter thinks silicon valley mogul Peter Thiel is the “puppet master.” In it she writes “Thiel is a contrarian by nature, and his support for Trump was a signature long-shot bet that is paying big dividends in terms of access to and influence on the new administration.” and “Campaign aides also say that Thiel’s 200-page treatise on startups, “Zero to One,”served as something of a bible among Trump campaign staffers.” that during the transition “Blake Masters, one of his students who became his co-author, was at his side during the transition, conducting interviews with candidates for various administration posts. Also along for the ride: Michael Kratsios, Thiel’s chief of staff, and Charlie Kirk, a 23-year-old wunderkind who blew off college to start a grass-roots organization dedicated to training young conservatives in the art of persuasion — and plugging them into the right networks.”

I am a baseball fan, and in baseball “three strikes and your out,” but not for the media. I do not believe that reporter deliberately and maliciously try to invent the myth of a white house being led by an incompetent fool, i think that’s what these reporters truly believe. Self-proclaimed Democratic journalists outnumber Republicans by 4-to-1, according to research by Lars Willnat and David Weaver, professors of journalism at Indiana University. They found 28 percent of journalists call themselves Democrats, while just 7 percent call themselves Republicans — though both numbers are down from the 1970s. Those identifying as independent have grown. Among Washington correspondents, the ones who dominate national political coverage, it’s even more skewed, Tim Groseclose, the author of “Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind” found that more than 90 percent of D.C. journalists vote Democratic, with an even higher number giving to Democrats or liberal-leaning political action committees. Nobody reads and watches the news as much as journalists, and so they feed off each other’s delusions in a vicious cycle. They assume based on their own feelings from watching Trump and reports in the media that Trump is a fool and a lunatic, so in a attempt to do what they think is good journalism, they look for the puppet master, they never stop to consider the possibility that they are inventing one.

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