The Politics of National Destruction.

Politics is a dirty game, lies, corruption, back stabbing, and all that fun stuff. It’s been like this forever. There is a very large class of people who would do anything for power, it’s like an addiction. But today the tactics are more brutal than ever.
In the olden days, if a rival politician has a good message and could take your beloved power away, dig up some dirt from his personal life and destroy him with it. In 1800, John Adams, who was then the President, ran for re-election against Thomas Jefferson. In the papers, Jefferson’s supporters accused Adams of having a “hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.” In response, a leaflet by Adams’ team called Jefferson “a mean-spirited, low-lived fellow, the son of a half-breed Indian squaw, sired by a Virginia mulatto father.”
In 1828, Andrew Jackson ran against the incumbent President John Quincy Adams (son of John Adams). Some of Jackson’s enemies picked up on rumors about Jackson’s wife, Rachel. They had people go to courthouses and look at public records, and they found that she had been divorced on the grounds of adultery. The newspaper smear campaign became huge. She was called an adulteress and a bigamist. A Cincinnati editor said she 

was not the kind of person who should even be allowed to go into the White House, much less be in charge there, because of the divorce. In the end, even though Jackson won the election, Rachel would not go to the White House, as she died immediately before Jackson left for Washington. Jackson blamed her death on the media, and would never forgive them.
This is a way of life. As a politician rises, some damning piece of his or her history shows up in the news, and the politician falls.
Today, the philosophy is not “if you can’t destroy the message, destroy the messenger”, it’s “To hold onto power, you must link your rival’s message to a flaw in his personal morality”.
If a rival politician is picking up a following by calling for more police in poor neighborhoods, keep your people in line by telling them he is saying it because he is racist. If he opposes abortion, say he’s sexist, etc. Power is never solid, it can be taken away in an instant, the politics of personal destruction is the best defense.
But now it’s getting dangerous. In this past election cycle, Donald Trump got up and threatened to take power away from the Democratic party by pointing to serious security problems in the countries immigration policy, a policy that allows for people to enter the country without the government even knowing their names, let alone where they come from, and who they are. The Democratic leaders saw people being attracted to this, even from their own power base. And so, they rose to defend their beloved power, they played defense, they dismissed talk of problems in the immigration policy by condemning the man leading such talk, Donald Trump, a racist, sexist, hatful, evil man. Barack Obama said Trump tolerates the KKK, Harry Reid said he is a sexual predator, and Hillary herself called him every horrific word in the book. Destroy the person.
And so, that is how something seemingly logical and fair like have a strong border becomes racist and hateful. Now all decent people must fight to keep the border unwatched, and our country unprotected. The same thing happened in the case of monitoring Muslim immigration. In order to fend off attacks on an incompetent national security policy, the men in power made up a new evil: Islamophobia. The leaders of the Democratic party have compromised national security to hold onto power. And you can’t help but wonder if America’s enemies are getting into the game.
It gets even worse. Conservative minded people who love American history, the founding father, and the constitution pose a threat to the power hungry. As politicians (Democrat and Republican) promise more liberal policies to get elected, the policies clash with the constitution, and the founding principles of the USA. Politicians must defend their power, and to hold onto power, you must link your rival’s message to a flaw in his personal morality. And so, they aim for the founding fathers. George Washington owned slaves, Thomas Jefferson had slaves, so, they were racist, evil people. And there for the Constitution and Declaration of Independents are racist and bad. They point to flaws in Rockefeller, Ford, and other American capitalists and therefor condemn free market economics. It’s the ultimate smear campaign. This is not just national security, this is liberty itself. This is America they are attacking, and all it stands for. Just like by Jefferson vs Adams and Jackson vs Adams jr, it’s a smear campaign. These men would destroy America to hold on to power. They are the ultimate evil.
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